College Towns

partyWhen it comes to vacation and travel destinations in the US, we are all going to think LA, NYC, Chicago, Las Vegas, and other major cities first; after all, large metropolitan areas are the main hubs of culture in the country, and have the most major attractions. However, not to be overlooked in the party travel pantheon are college towns, often smaller, but brimming with plenty of fun to be had  surrounding the college scene and the generally bohemian culture that implies.

Of course, many of the major cities we cover, such as LA and Austin have their own big-time colleges and surrounding scenes, but we are not including them in our college towns category as they have already been covered elsewhere on Party Travel Hotspots. This listing is purely dedicated to smaller cities where major colleges provide the backbone of the culture, creating a ripe atmosphere for ample nightlife, dining, shopping, and more.

As we all know, NCAA football is extremely popular and top college teams, many of which play in smaller markets draw huge out-of-town crowds for their games. A small to mid-sized town such as Athens, GA with a major division one NCAA football team turns into a complete madhouse of excitement and fervor surrounding game day. If you’ve never experienced it, you certainly should at least once, and you are likely to have a great time as the entire city basically becomes one big party when their beloved hometown heroes take to the gridiron. This makes some of the college markets we are covering major travel and party destinations, particularly for fans of opposing teams visiting for away games.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t overlook the little guys when it comes to party travel fun; some of the best times to be had come in smaller packages. We hope our college town pages help you to get a better grip on what there is to do in some of the top college towns in the country and make your next visit as fruitful as possible.

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