Key West

key west1 Although Key West, Florida is a much smaller city in both population and physical size than most of the metropolises featured at Party Travel Hotspots, the city packs such a punch when it comes to all things fun and exciting that it had to make the list of top party travel destinations in the country.

Key West is certainly known for its bar scene, featuring some of the most legendary watering holes in the history of the US. There is a reason why legendary drinkers of the likes of Ernest Hemingway have had a special place in their hearts for Key West, and it will certainly make sense to you when you hit the Key West bar circuit and see what the fuss is all about.

When it comes to gay culture, Key West is a veritable paradise, featuring a number of gay-only and gay-friendly resorts, many of which all or partially-nude. There is a very free energy in the Key West air allowing for people of all walks of life to fully let it all hang out and celebrate with abandon.

As a major tourist destination and a waterfront town, the food in Key West is another major draw, particularly when it comes to fresh seafood, one of the main culinary specialties of the city as you might expect. Key West is also known for its prominent Cuban-American culture, meaning some of the more authentic Cuban fare you will have the pleasure to taste stateside.

You could call Key West the “little town that could” in the party travel hotspots pantheon of vacation destinations, as the city certainly earns more than it’s salt as one of the most fun places to visit in the country, particularly in consideration of its diminutive stature in comparison to the major urban hubs on our list.




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