Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California may be only second to New York as one of the most famous and storied cities in the United States. There is a veritable smorgasbord of party travel fun to be had throughout L.A., so much so that it would take at least a lifetime to truly take in all of the culture contained within the sprawling metropolitan area that is the City of Angels.

Some of the top professional sports franchises in the US are proud to call the Los Angeles area home, including the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers NBA teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Anaheim Angels MLB outfits, the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings NHL franchises, and the Los Angeles Galaxy, one of the most popular Major League Soccer teams in the country.

The nightclub scene in Los Angeles is no joke, featuring some of the best nightclubs in the country such as Johnny Depp’s famous Viper Room, as well as hangout spots for high-level Hollywood-types such as the Winston. There is no better place in the country to see and be seen and mingle with celebrities, jet-setters, and generally important individuals than within the glamorous and exclusive L.A. club scene.

When it comes to food, L.A. is a veritable epicurean paradise, featuring an extremely multicultural population base resulting in authentic ethnic cuisine of every variety you can imagine, as well as top-notch fine dining fit for the Hollywood celebrities and power-brokers that grace the streets of L.A.

The quantity of museums in Los Angeles is truly staggering, so if you enjoy art, science, history, and more, there is likely to be a world-class exhibit going on at one of L.A.’s many world-class museums that will be sure to tickle your fancy.

Los Angeles is one of those cities that is so large in every sense of the word that just about everything you could ever desire in a party travel vacation destination is sure to be found within the generous confines of its metropolitan sprawl. Hopefully we at Party Travel Hotspots can help you to sort through the plethora of options L.A. has to offer and find what it is you are looking for during your Los Angeles vacation.



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