New Orleans

There is so much history, life and good times to experience in the Big Easy, you will indeed have to go easy on yourself when you get home just to recover.

Begin your visit with a walk around Jackson Square. Day or night you will discover artists, magicians, musicians and fortune tellers all performing for the right price. Sometimes you get to see it all for a drop in the hat. If you take a good look around, you will notice the heavy Spanish and French influence of the original settlers.

If your feet say it’s time to rest, then take a seat on the St. Charles Street Car and go to the end of the line and back just for the hell of it. From your window you will glimpse some of the South’s finest architecture near Audubon Park; see the landscape at Tulane University; and absorb the culture of each neighborhood.

And of course the fabulous French Quarter is party travel central. There’s so much to, uh, drink in it is something that can only be experienced because no description will do it justice. Let the music be your guide as you hit the bars and follow your intuition when you get hungry because just about every place in the Quarter has something to offer.

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