When visiting any city, square one is figuring out where to stay. There are many factors to consider, including proximity to the restaurants, lounges, shops, and other attractions within the city you are planning on visiting. You will also want to take into account the unique complexion of the specific city you are visiting; some cities are known for their quaint bed and breakfasts, some for five-star luxury highrises, some for their beach-front resorts, and its good to take advantage of whatever the city specializes in. Also, what is your personality, and what are you looking for in a hotel? Do you want to experience the heights of posh luxury, the retro character of a hipster boutique property, or the old-school charm of a local bed-and-breakfast? Some hotels even have excellent attractions within them such as great lounges and restaurants, and this is another consideration to make when choosing a property. Budget is also a factor, and when looking for low-cost lodging in a city you will want to make sure you stay in a safe area, while remaining as close to the action as possible. There is really a lot to consider when choosing accommodations, enough to make your head spin, but we’re here to help you weed through the myriad options and find the right one for you with our party travel hotel guides.

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