When a leisurely day spent perusing the shops, enjoying the local cuisine, and seeing the relevant sights of the city has come to a close, many of us might want to step out for a few cocktails and see what the nightlife has to offer. It can be a challenge for a non-local to find the most happening nighttime hangouts in a new city, particularly those that suit their unique individual tastes. Some might like to dress to impress and mingle among singles at the trendiest nightclubs, while others would prefer a relaxing and romantic outing with their partner at a swanky wine bar or tapas lounge. The more rugged among us might eschew the glitz and glam of clubs and upscale lounges altogether and opt for a cold PBR and a loud punk band at a gritty local dive. Most of us know what we are looking for, but where to find it is a different matter; browse our city-by-city nightlife guide and party like a local next time you are on vacation and looking for some fun after dark.

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