Daytona Beach Spring Break

You don’t have to leave the country to experience a top-notch spring break vacation, and the¬† festivities that occur in¬†Daytona Beach for spring break each year certainly prove this point. Daytona Beach is a great budget spring break resort option particularly for people on the East Coast, making it affordable for most of us to enjoy the fun of a world-class spring break beach getaway. Daytona Beach is a less intimidating travel destination than many out-of-the-country spring break staples as well, making it an easier and more laid-back option for many of us, particularly younger spring break party-goers.

Step one to any spring break getaway is figuring out where to stay, and there are many excellent resort options in Daytona for the vacationing college student. The Hawaiian Inn is a beautiful oceanfront resort known for having some of the best pools in Daytona Beach. The Daytona Welcome Center is another excellent choice which specifically caters to students on spring break. Other options you might want to consider include the the Roomba Inn and Suites and the Mayan Inn Daytona Beach.

Now that we have step one covered, step two is figuring out where to party during your spring break vacation. The Ocean Deck Beach Club is probably the premier party hub for Daytona Beach spring break revelers. It is the only club in the city located directly on the beach, and it turns into a gigantic outdoor beach party every year for spring break. For indoor clubbing, you can’t beat the Oyster Pub and Razzle’s Nightclub, which are both sure to be packed and happening for spring break every year.

Not only does Daytona Beach have all that you would expect from any spring break destination inimages66666666666 terms of accommodations and nightlife, but there’s also a lot to do during the day for those who are so inclined. Daytona is home to some excellent attractions for the motorsports enthusiast such as DAYTONA USA and the Daytona International Speedway. It is also a great destination for all varieties of water-oriented activities such as jet-skiing, surfing, and more. Whether you just want to party it up 24/7, or would prefer to take a break and check out some of the other activities Daytona Beach has to offer, you will undoubtedly have a great time visiting Daytona Beach for spring break.

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