South Padre Island Spring Break

The city of South Padre Island, located on the barrier island bearing the same name off the Gulf Coast of Texas, is a small city encompassing 1.9 square miles with a population of less than 3,000 people. Don’t let this fool you; when spring break rolls around each year, it turns into one of the most prominent spring break party destinations in the country.

You may want to simplify your South Padre Island spring break getaway by choosing from one of the various convenient spring break travel packages offered by companies such as Student City and Inertia Tours. Packages vary from covering lodging only, to covering lodging and airfare, to VIP packages which include food, drinks, free club entrance, and other special perks. Whatever it is you are looking for, you should be able to find a travel package to suit your individual needs.

If you decide to book your own lodging, some of the better beachfront resorts include Clayton’s Resort, the Isla Grand Beach Resort, and the La Copa Inn Beachfront Hotel. Bay-front options include Blue Bay and the Palms Resort, while Casa Bella Resort and the Inn at South Padre are excellent inner-island lodging choices.

We all know that the focus of any spring break itinerary is going to be the party scene, so you willsp want to be aware of the hottest clubs in South Padre Island before embarking on your spring break adventure. Boomerang Billy’s Beach Bar & Grill is an excellent open-air beach club where you can catch some rays and get your drink on at the same time. Chaos is another top clubbing choice, featuring six different clubs all in the same building surrounding a concert stage where big-name acts frequently perform for spring break.

South Padre Island is definitely a great choice for a convenient and centrally-located US spring break destination. There is plenty of fun to be had when March rolls around each year and the students start pouring in to enjoy fun-in-the-sun thrills in South Padre Island for spring break. So leave the books behind, put on your party hats, and don’t forget that Party Travel Hotspots sent you!

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